The Art of Ginny Milling: The Shiny Edition

I'm an artist trying to get her name out there.

Things I love: Marvel, Disney, Doctor Who, Supernatural Sherlock Holmes, Die Hard, Roski, Destiel Whovengers, Loki, Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, Tom Hiddleston, Robert Downey Jr., Bruce Willis, Wonder Woman and ... lots of other things. Art of all kinds.

I'll be posting an official price list for commissions soon, but just message me if you would like a quote! Also check out my Deviant Art, Blog and Redbubble accounts (ginnymilling)

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Old prompt…from May-ish? I think?

And how did I not notice I put the razor in his left hand until I was flatting this thing…wow brain, way to overlook important details…Sheesh.

Rose Tyler!

This was pretty much just me really wanting to draw this gorgeous dress that I saw. I just love it. It ended up being a Rose waiting for her (very late) date, who probably got into some kind of mischief.

Yeah! I’m still working on my own comic! (I swear) Here is Alexis, one of my characters from Trust Once Lost. I’ve drawn her a few times before. This was an old doodle sitting around that I went and inked up tonight!  


Yeah! I’m still working on my own comic! (I swear) Here is Alexis, one of my characters from Trust Once Lost. I’ve drawn her a few times before. This was an old doodle sitting around that I went and inked up tonight!  

Day 76! Life has really “built up” the last few months.. And I’m finding I need to do a massive life purge, haha. I’ve finally (mostly) organized my room, donated some clothes/toys.. But that’s just the start. Gonna do my best to really condense everything! Fresh start! #100happydays #fallcleaning?


Anybody know if hellhounds play nice with cats? Because after drawing this I want one now.

Just something cute to distract myself momentarily from some current stresses.

Ivy and Harley!

I figured I’d post what I’m working on before i go to bed! :D This is actually based on a sketch I did in 2012!

"What do you mean it would look better on the floor?"

I love playing with the idea of innocent Cas! Haha. 

DA: (x)

S6: (x) RB: (x)

Day 71! Got myself so excited for last night’s ep that I went and #Destiel ‘d! 😘💖 #100happydays #supernatural #myart #art #fanart


Sleepy early morning Cas ♥


Sleepy early morning Cas ♥

This was a commission for a friend of mine! Her nephew loves Cinderella and she wanted her playing a sport he loves! So here we go! (It was a bonus that one of his favourite sports is also my favourite sport!) It’s for his birthday, so I hope he likes it!

DA: (x)

I can’t believe I forgot to post this!

I did this for a very good friend of mine (I’ve done some pieces for her in the past) .. she adores Robert Downey Jr. and Iron Man.. so I did this for her b-day! :D She loved it, which makes me super happy! Happy B-day, dude! Love ya!

DA: (x)

Day 68! My super win from yesterday!! I love them so much!!! ☺️☺️☺️💖💖💖 The fact that these two haven’t had a scene together yet is a travesty! #100happydays #castiel #charliebradbury #supernatural #funkopop


Presenting The Doctor Who Secret Santa Fanworks Exchange, hosted by kilodalton and fadewithfury =D

What is it? An anonymous fanworks exchange (fic, art, and gifs) done Secret Santa style, where you create an original fanwork for someone and receive one in return! It will cover all of Doctor Who (classic and new), including all characters, pairings, and ratings.

How do I sign up?

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  • Sign ups will be open via Googledoc until October 31, 2014 - you can sign up for any type of fanwork (fic, art, gif) and pairing(s) or characters you want to, and of course you can specify which pairings and fanwork type you want to receive. Assignments will go out on Sunday, November 2, 2014.

Please post your fanworks from the beginning of December through to Christmas, and tag them with BOTH #dwsecretsanta as well as the name of the recipient, so we can reblog it here and so the recipient can see it and love it and reblog it too. Alternatively, you can submit them to dwsecretsanta. Ask Kilodalton or Fadewithfury if you have questions!

Thanks for participating - this will be fun!!! =)

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All right! So time to play catch up!

These are two pieces I did for my best friend’s wedding. She wanted the image to be of herself and hubby holding strings.. and guests would stamp thumb prints to be balloons as their guest book! SUCH a cute idea! So the first picture (the left) is the final design and the right is the rough that wasn’t quite what she was looking for. I decided to share both!

I’ll post the end result of the poster when they get back from their honeymoon, but it was absolutely beautiful in the end! And SO cute!!