The Art of Ginny Milling: The Shiny Edition

I'm an artist trying to get her name out there.

Things I love: Marvel, Disney, Doctor Who, Supernatural Sherlock Holmes, Die Hard, Roski, Destiel Whovengers, Loki, Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, Tom Hiddleston, Robert Downey Jr., Bruce Willis, Wonder Woman and ... lots of other things. Art of all kinds.

I'll be posting an official price list for commissions soon, but just message me if you would like a quote! Also check out my Deviant Art, Blog and Redbubble accounts (ginnymilling)

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I have missed you terribly!

My secret project is complete for the time being (just waiting on final approval) … so woooohoooo!!

August is going to be absolutely insane for many reasons.. the biggest being my best friend’s wedding in September (and all the events leading up to it) but I’m gonna do my best to post fun stuff again!! Sorry about the absence, but I had to really focus! And I think it was worth it!!

Hope you’ve all had a good month!! :D


…lazy work days…

Requested by my friend avocadogrrl! I absolutely couldn’t resist drawing Cas (I’ve been itching to draw him) and I looooved the palette, so even better!

With this one I kinda wanted to go with my season 10 wish. (This is my personal thing, haha.) I really want Cas to somehow end up at the laundromat from the beginning of season 9.. (maybe something to do with demon!Dean? Or still thinking Dean is dead?) and find a lost and found box with his old coat and suit sitting there. Maybe he’ll have a moment of reflection and decide to wear the old uniform after having lost his way. Some kind of moment of clarity. I don’t know! (Basically, I just want the old coat back, lol.)

Anyway, I’m done hahaha.

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Requests are currently closed. Sorry!


So very not helpful…

Ludwig is really loving his new digs! He’s exploring everything! It’s so cute! #bettafish #LudwigVanBetta


I could’ve just recolored something I’ve already done…but NOOOOOOO. Had to go and do this. This guy is gonna be the death of me.

But, oh, what a way to go.


Frèr, drawn in PS (updated)


They say that the world was built for two.

Actually, I don’t like that song at all, haha, but it keeps on repeating at work! 
Guys, I’m so simultaneously excited/nervous about episode 17!!! 

(via plaidtrenchcoat)


Peony Series (0003) and (0004)

Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens, Oshawa, Ontario, June 18, 2014.

Helena Wayne!! This turned out very … pink. I’m okay with it.

Thanks, Nonny! Awesome choice.. I love Huntress!!

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Asker puppysteeb Asks:
ginnymilling ginnymilling Said:

OMG I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND YOU!!!! (I didn’t know it was a reference to Emma Peel, admittedly … but even still!) It’s silly! Especially with a belt going over top of them! In action, she’d forever be getting them tangled up!!!

Augh, that’s actually been my biggest thing with all these requests .. looking up costume reference! So many boob windows, body suit holes or just general impracticality! Just arg!!! Hahaha

Asker Anonymous Asks:
hey I know your a busy person and all, and you do these drawings for fun; and I love, love your art but do you think you could draw War the horseman? I've been having a bit of a... rough week and well I would really appreciate it. If you can't than that's fine too, I just appreciate you taking the time to read this message. Have a good day.
ginnymilling ginnymilling Said:


Aw honey…M’sorry things have been so bad *pets*

And actually, you’re in luck. I started a couple ‘4 Horsemen’ pieces last month…just haven’t had the time to finish them.Though if this is who I think it is, you already know I’m super fond of the Horsemen.


I’ll admit though that War’s been the problem child of the group…Titus Welliver has such a curious face. It’s fun challenge ^_^

Hope things are starting to look up for you, lovely!

Have some Kate!! … Sans bodysuit holes. Because no. 

Thanks, Nonny!! I LOVED this palette!

DA: (x)

Omg your art tho. *w* Are you by any chance taking palette meme requests still? D:
ginnymilling ginnymilling Said:

Thank you so much!!! :D <3 <3  And yep! I’ve still got a couple to do yet, but I’m gonna try and do as many as time permits!!