The Art of Ginny Milling: The Shiny Edition

I'm an artist trying to get her name out there.

Things I love: Marvel, Disney, Doctor Who, Supernatural Sherlock Holmes, Die Hard, Roski, Destiel Whovengers, Loki, Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, Tom Hiddleston, Robert Downey Jr., Bruce Willis, Wonder Woman and ... lots of other things. Art of all kinds.

I'll be posting an official price list for commissions soon, but just message me if you would like a quote! Also check out my Deviant Art, Blog and Redbubble accounts (ginnymilling)

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I got this lovely surprise in the mail today!!! It was totally unexpected and AMAZINGLY timed! Made my whole day!!! :D

Sam, you are the sweetest!! I love you!! <3<3 Thank you so so much! This is going up in my room for sure!! <3 

  1. mishcollyns said: aw yay i’m glad you like it my dear! <3
  2. ginnymilling posted this